Ocean Plastic pollution

I developed a conceptual awareness campaign for a series of posters dedicated to Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation. Specifically, my focus was on their Plastic pollution awareness campaign, which aims to globally minimize single-use plastic. In addition to their plastic reduction initiative, the organization actively engages in research, educational programs, and advocacy for sustainable seafood choices to raise awareness about marine issues and encourage positive environmental actions. For this project, I undertook the copywriting and did the photography to enhance the overall visual, originality and communicative impact.

AWARD: 2024 DesCan Salazar Award for Print & Design

I played with the expression “straight from the horse’s mouth,” signifying reliable information from an authoritative source. In my concept, the fact that “two garbage trucks’ worth of plastic enter the oceans every minute” comes straight from the fish’s mouth. Simultaneously, the hand gripping the plastic handle, with the handle protruding from the fish’s mouth, creates a satirical twist that alarm on the absurdity of discovering plastic in our seafood.

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I drew inspiration from the metaphorical use of “swallowing one’s words,” which typically signifies retracting or taking back something said due to regret or realizing it was incorrect. In this poster, I’m questioning if viewers can “swallow” the fact that by 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish. The imagery confronts viewers with a jarring reality: a fish with a plastic bag intertwining with its guts.

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